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OK time to put the LED Lenser T7 through its paces. It claims to be 200 lumens and I have tried it up against another brands [cheaper] that claimed to be 1000 lumens. The LED LENSER T7 is  way brighter and sharper- work that one out!

The torch takes AAA batteries which were included in the box.

Are you interested in the focus function, and it can be useful dependent on whether you want deep penetrating light or a larger wave of light, for example during a room search in the dark? If you are then to focus this torch you simply extend or retract the lens and this can be done with one hand if required.

The length of the torch is just over 5.5 inches long.

To turn the torch on you press a metal power switch on the end. This is obviously a one-handed operation.

The specifications on the box are:


Light Type: Cree LED
Bulb: High-intensity 4.45 watt 200 Lumen Gallium LED
Lens: Plastic Composite Material
Reflector: Advanced Speed Focus System
Beam type: Spot
Case type: Aluminum
Weight: 196gms
Burn Time: Up to 130 hours

Package Contents:
T7 flashlight
4 AAA batteries installed
Cordura belt pouch
Instruction / spec sheet

I have had the batteries in my torch for a month now and have used the torch daily. There is no drop in the power.

It feels strong and heavy for the size and is the perfect torch for slipping into your vest pocket. It also packs power and durability.

LED LENSER TORCH- T7 is an excellent choice!