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OtterBox Defender


Back again having tried the OtterBox defender for my Note 2.

Before I bought this I already dropped my phone, in a basic case, and cracked the screen. Not interested in fixing the small crack I decided to try out the most robust looking case on the internet- the OtterBox Defender.

Upon opening the box I found that there were 3 main components. There was a main rear hard plastic section that has a padded inner. You place your phone in here and it sits snug and secure. Then there is a rubber outer cover that you sit the aforementioned section into as extra protection. To top it all off there is a plastic clear front that protects the screen of your phone.

Having placed my phone in it I found that I could operate all of the usual buttons/ functions as normal and was even able to plug in my headphones and listen to the radio.

In summary there is a 2 piece inner shell that fits snugly on your phone. There is the clear cover that I mentioned which protects your screen but also allows you to still use the touch screen function, though I felt it wasn’t quite as responsive as without.

As part of my test and with full confidence in the cover I dropped my phone from head height, onto my wooden deck. There was not a moment where I felt afraid. The cover worked a treat and the soft but strong outer rubber shell absorbed all of the impact, with a bit of a bounce.

The cover also came with a belt holster which, to be honest, is quite bulky and unattractive. I don’t think carrying your phone on your belt has really caught on and so I don’t think you would be using the belt clip anyway.

One thing to mention is that after a few months of being in my pocket and regular use the clear screen protector became rather aged and weathered with scratches and marks all over the clear plastic. There is no easy way to fix this unless you can find a replacement front, or you take more care than I did. Not ideal once you have bought a premium OtterBox Defender phone cover.

That said I carried my phone in my vest pocket for many months and it faced numerous knocks and scrapes that many other covers would have succumbed to.

Overall a good rugged and very protective cover. Thumbs up from the Sheriff for the OtterBox Defender.



Bates Falcon Boots


Hi, I’d like to talk about police patrol boots. Many boots can claim to be suitable for walking the beat or being worn for hours on end but I want to talk plain and simple fact. The simple test is wearing them day in day out for a year and seeing if they live up to my expectations.

The Bates Falcon boots are all leather and interestingly advertise a breathable pig skin lining and a scuff resistant toe guard.

I didn’t find the toe particularly scuff resistant. It scuffed in the same way that any other boot ever has . If you scrape the toe, it scuffs, then you polish over it and it’s almost as good as new. Standard for police boots.

This Bates Falcon boot was particularly uncomfortable and the tongue, though advertised as padded felt horrible on my feet. In the end I couldn’t bear to wear the boots for more than an hour or so at a time. Definitely not designed for comfort.

In addition to that the sole, though great looking with the stud pattern felt uncomfortably solid and each step felt as though there was a serious lack of impact resistance. I may as well have been wearing cows hide tied to my feet with twine. That said, the sole does have a great grip unmatched by any other boot I have worn.

Allegedly the SBS are issued these boots. Poor guys.

The claims of being lightweight are not quite accurate marketing and there are far lighter boots out there. Yes, they may be lighter than a Lowe hiking boot but in terms of police boots, these are not light weight.

Sorry Bates Falcon but overall the boot is a poor choice.

Adidas GSG9.2 Boots

Addidas GSG9.2 Boots

Hi, I’d like to talk about police patrol boots. Many boots can claim to be suitable for walking the beat or being worn for hours on end but I want to talk plain and simple fact. The simple test is wearing them day in day out for a year and seeing if they live up to my expectations.

The Adidas GSG9.2 boot advertises itself as a boot for tactical and police users and claims to have been developed to the specifications of worldwide special forces units. The last bit is not something I believe or am interested in.

This police boot claims to be waterproof and I would agree with that in part. If you are trudging through puddles in the pouring rain with water pouring from your hat, your feet will remain dry.

If, however, in the course of walking to that domestic that isn’t a domestic, and you step in a mini river, otherwise known as a puddle that’s deeper than your lace holes then its likely your foot will get wet. Then again, only a Wellington boot could really save you from that.

The boot itself looks good, providing your state/ force accept a boot that looks a little bit like a trainer. You may have to raise your trouser leg a little to prove you’re wearing boots. There are 3  stripes on the boot formed into the leather. They are discreet and wouldn’t really be defined as a pattern.

The Adidas GSG9.2 allegedly has a coat of that hydrophobic treatment which has been cropping up for a couple of years now. I personally cant see it doing any better job that a bit of spit and polish.

I particularly like the tread on the Adidas GSG9.2. It is rugged and reminds me of an off-road tyre. It wears well and the grip has remained through a whole year of driving, running and general wear. That is the limit though, the grip is now wearing down to a level where grip is compromised in some circumstances. I suppose there are boots out there that would last longer, but your feet would be far less happy.

The boot is exceptionally light and very flexible. I am very pleased with this particularly due to the fact that the strength and look is not compromised at all. I would add though, that the toe area has no protection and is soft. Providing you don’t let that prisoner stamp on your foot you should be just fine.

Overall the Adidas GSG9.2 is a great overall contender and should suit personnel who are required to wear boots in their line of work.